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Gulf News Article: An Anzac Day like no other

From the Waiheke Gulf News on 30 April 2020, featuring Waiheke Retirement Village resident Lindsay Brighouse.

Last Saturday Waiheke marked Anzac Day without being able to gather together as usual at the RSA’s war memorial. But in typical inventive style, the island found plenty of ways to make the day special.

Gulf News readers and photographers Erin Johnson, Liza Hamilton, Merrie Hewetson and Sophie Boladeras were on hand to record the day for posterity.

Liz Greenslade wove nikau fronds and used egg cartons and paint to create her Anzac Day tribute. “I’ve attended every Anzac day service for years and have worked on some major war projects. Because I’m unable to acknowledge Anzac Day as I usually would, I really wanted to do this.” Liz laid the fronds along the walkway down to the beach near her home in Onetangi for others to enjoy.

  1. Even a poppy seed packet found a remembrance niche on this letterbox.
  2. Waiheke resident Russel Sadd played the Last Post on his guitar at 6 am at Palm Beach. (Photo Nora Restrepo.)
  3. The owners of Ostend’s Waiheke Island Motel decorated their sculptures with poppies.
  4. Waiheke Retirement Village resident Lindsay Brighouse playing the Last Post on his trumpet at 6 am on the foreshore of Anzac Bay.

Source: Waiheke Gulf News

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