Lockdown Activities at Remuera Rise

There were many enjoyable activities during lockdown at Remuera Rise. These included door art, RSPCA knitted mice – our residents responded well to the call of needed mice for the cats & kittens; poems, sonnets, pass along book writing, exercises and much more.

Our residents responded well to the SPCA’s call for knitted mice for the cats and kittens to play with.

A very special highlight was celebrating John and Laura’s 70th Wedding Anniversary with high tea, champagne and cake and a group singing performance – residents sang outside their apartments for the couple – Congratulations John and Laura.

Poems & Sonnets from Residents

Forget me not
My memory is getting worse
Of that I have no doubt
Everything goes in my head
And then it goes straight out.
I have a yen to learn, you see
I study quite a lot
But why can’t I retain it all
It seems I just cannot
People tell me all their gossip
They know it won’t spread
As nothing stays for very long
Inside this empty head
People talk of “memory lane”
To me it’s just a place
I went to once, I know the name\
But I can’t recall the face
Not all of it is dreadful though
In fact, it’s rather nice
When someone tells me to forget it
They needn’t tell me twice.

Author: Pam Marren

Fifth Sonnet

“Look at yourselves with kind eyes” he would state.
“Forgive yourselves and then forgive the world”.
His family would yawn or smile then wait
While he drew breath. “Look back – each day unfurled,
“You’ll see there’s plenty to forgive, from you,
“From all the rest. Forgiveness banishes
“Resentment, guilt and fear. For you
“What’s left of worry also vanishes.
“That’s part of happiness and should be treasured.”
At least that’s what he thinks he said, because
He’s always believed it can be measured
In that way to see beyond our flaws.
To not be victims of our varied past
And be content with who we are at last.

Author: Barrie Downey

At The Beach

I need to go to the beach again, drawn to the roiling sea,
To walk upon land’s edge again, where the wind blows free;
To have beneath my soles once more that crispy golden sand,
And wander by the restless tide where water meets the land.
I want to go to the beach again, where nature’s elements meet
Where sky and sea and earth all make a miracle complete;
There’s lands out there, I know it’s so,
I’ve yet to set my eyes on,
And so I stare, with mind elsewhere, beyond the wide horizon.
I must go down to the shore again, to hark the gull’s wild cry,
To feel the breeze upon my face, and hear the wavelets’ sigh,
But my friends, I have to tell,
I’ve been kidding you along,
When bubble’s burst I’m going there for coffee and a scone………

Author: Derek Smith

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