Costs & Ownership

Questions we are often asked

There is a wealth of information just waiting to be shared considering retirement villages and when you arm yourself with the right questions and talk to the experts you will gain direct access to key information. Our Village Managers provide valuable input and give you the facts you need to make those all-important retirement village decisions.

In this section we have outlined typical questions we are often asked, that you should ask your Village Manager when considering moving into a retirement village.

  • Are there any special requirements to becoming a resident?
  • What is included with my property?
  • Are the facilities open to the public?
  • What activities are available?
  • What assistance is available should I need it?
  • What happens about ongoing care as I get older?
  • Can my friends and family stay with me?
  • What happens to my property when I go on holiday?
  • Can I have a pet?
  • Are there rules in the Village?
  • What is the Weekly Fee and what does it cover?
  • Does the Weekly Fee continue indefinitely?
  • What other expenses will I be responsible for?
  • Will I have a say in decision-making?
  • Will there be regular financial reporting to residents?
  • What happens if I decide that the lifestyle is not for me?
  • Are there any hidden costs when I leave?
  • Who pays for the refurbishment of the property when I leave?
  • What happens if my property doesn’t sell straight away?
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