Retirement Villages Auckland

Waiheke Residents at Play

Show and Tell last month at Waiheke Retirement Village

From left to right: Rosemary McKenzie is holding her grandmother’s ingenious can opener and displays her tea towel with the braille alphabet.

Mary Batten is holding a hand-carved Totara walking stick, which doubles as a family tree with small photos of her family – from her great grandparents to her grandchildren – embedded in the stick. It represents the flowing tide and was lovingly carved by her brother for her 80th birthday.

Pam Reid holds her book of Waiheke Art & Poetry that she published herself in 1991. Signed at the time by some very well-known subjects, it’s a real treasure.

Audrey Gray holds her clay pot doll that she adores.

On the table is a wooden carving by an unknown artist bought many years ago at the Ostend Market – it’s of two bare-bottomed men. Next to the carving is a whale’s tooth.

Muffin Monday & Guest Speaker

Jane, Hazel and Cara (who is 100 years old).

Sue and Jane.

Guest speaker Dot shares how to build your family tree.

Sue and Anne head off to Maretai for an afternoon excursion at sea with Dot and Capt’ Mike.

Waiheke Retirement Village residents enjoying a Clubhouse Matinee of ‘March of the Penguins’

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