Compassionate visits at Level 3 – Care Home

9 November 2021

We have reviewed our policy around visiting our Care Home during Level 3 lockdown and wish to update you on the changes.

We at Lifecare Residences are aware of the deteriorating health that has been occurring to our residents due to the restrictions of not being able to connect with their families by way of physical visiting. The Ministry of Health guidelines restrict visits to essential or emergency services and staff only. Family visits on compassionate grounds will be considered. Family visits on compassionate grounds may include situations where the resident is critically ill or dying, has increased confusion or distress, mental health and wellbeing have deteriorated or has special care and support needs due to a disability

We are also mindful that the current no visiting policy is not in keeping with our vision and values, given the extended period our residents have been isolated from their families and loved ones.


To be the retirement lifestyle of choice for seniors seeking a high quality, caring and supportive environment for their lifetime.


Respect – We show all people that we are humble, courteous, and trustworthy.

Integrity – We are honest, and always do the right thing.

Empathy – We show people compassion, and we always try to see things from their perspective.

Fun – We fuel success with zest for life, laughter, and enjoyment in all that we do.

Therefore, Lifecare Residences is amending its Visitor Policy for Level 3. This amendment will be effective from Tuesday 9th November. Visiting of loved ones will be possible providing certain criteria are met. A summary of these criteria follows:

  • Visitors must be able to prove they have been double vaccinated
  • Visitors must be able to show they have received a negative Covid test within the last 5 days
  • Visits will be arranged on an appointment only basis for 60 minutes duration and may be extended with permission from the Clinical Manager.
  • A maximum of two people be designated from each family to visit with only one person to be able to visit at any one time
  • To enable people the opportunity to take advantage of this policy we ask visits to be restricted to no more than 1 per week at the discretion of the Clinical Manager.

Along with this change in policy, we request that our visitors respect the above criteria and given circumstances on the day. This means we do need some flexibility in this policy to keep our residents and staff safe but be assured we are doing all we can to reconnect family members. We feel this is more aligned to our company values.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Neville Cook
Executive Director

Referenced from MOH Alert Level 3 Guidelines for Aged Residential Care Facilities – 12 October 2021.