LifeCare Residents NZ - Notice to All Residents

21 September 2021

Latest Update from Ministry of Health Website as of 20 September 2021

Current Situation: There are 410 active cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand, including 361 community cases that are being managed.

New cases reported during the past 24 hours are 23. One previously reported case has been reclassified. This gives a total, net change of 22 cases.

AUCKLAND COVID-19 Alert level 3

(Effective as of Tuesday 21/09/2021 11.59pm) 

At Alert Level 3, there is medium risk of community transmission with active, but managed, clusters. Make sure you follow all the public health rules to protect yourself, your whanau, and communities.

At alert level 3, travel is restricted and only allowed for permitted movement in your local area – for example, shopping or getting exercise. Other businesses can open if they can have contactless pick-up or delivery, including takeaways.

Stay at home as much as possible. The government have recommended that those aged 65 and have not been vaccinated to stay at home.

Keep your bubble small, your household bubble is the group of people you have day-to-day physical contact with.

Wear a face covering; in general face coverings should be worn whenever we can. The Delta variant is more transmissible by droplets, so face coverings are a way we can protect ourselves and each other. You must wear a face covering when, on public transport and at arrival and departure points, airports, train stations and bus stops. On ferry services, on flights, in taxis or ride share vehicles. Inside retail businesses such as supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations and takeaway food stores.

Keep track of where you have been; scan in using the NZ COVID Tracer app if you can or use another method.

Maintain good hygiene; wash your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow and regularly clean surfaces that get frequently touched.

The Government has extended the current alert levels. Until 11.59 pm Monday 4 October the Auckland region (Auckland Council area) is at Alert Level 3. A bespoke Alert Level 4 area around Mangatangi in the Waikato, effectively increasing the border around Auckland. and the rest of New Zealand is at Alert Level 2.

What you can do to support Alert Level 3

STAY AT HOME. Act as if you have COVID-19.

Keep in touch with your family and friends by phone, skype and other non-facing means.

Phone the residents around you to say hello and check in with each other.

What we are doing to support Alert Level 3

We will keep you updated with any major changes announced by the government and the measures we are taking to support this.

Reception at Remuera Rise will be covered 7 days a week to include Saturday and Sunday. Monday to Friday reception will be covered between 9.00-4.00pm and Saturday and Sunday between 9.00am-2.00pm

Housekeeping services Debbie will phone you to confirm that you still require housekeeping.

The Care staff are available and can offer a range of services from personal cares, medication management, wound dressings, and medication administration.


There will be no visitors allowed at Remuera Rise or Waiheke Island Village until further notice.

Family and friends may leave groceries, medications, or other supplies at reception. A staff member will deliver any items to your home.

External support workers may still come to assist any residents who already receive these services.

Please advise your family and friends so they are aware of these new restrictions.

All visitors must contact reception in the first instance and complete a declaration form.

Communal areas

All communal areas are off limits to all residents and visitors.

The library will remain open, however. Please ensure that only one person uses the library at any one time and limit your time to 5 minutes.

Please advise your family and friends so they are aware of these new restrictions.

All visitors must contact reception in the first instance and complete a declaration form.


For Remuera Rise, lunch and dinner options will be available every day of the week. Please phone the kitchen to place additional orders. A vegetarian option will be available. If you have any dietary restrictions, please advise at the time of ordering.

Grocery items available for purchase will be limited to; Mild, Bread and Fresh Fruit when available. Please note some suppliers have already run out of some stock items.

All meals will be delivered to your apartment. Please come to the door and take your meal from the trolley where possible. This will assist staff in maintaining a safe distance. Staff will knock on your door, and if there is no response, they will leave your meal (in a bag) outside your front door.


2 people at a time please. Where possible please use your elbow to activate the lift buttons and wash your hands as soon after as you are able.

Final Words

We thank you again for the collective approach that has been taken from our community of residents and staff working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Your health, safety and well-being are very important to us. It is in everyone’s interests to follow the guidelines that have been set.

Keep strong, stay safe, be kind to one another, keep in touch with your friends and families with non-face-to-face ways such as phone, skype and face time.


21 September 2021